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Multi-use Plants for Renewable Resources and a Nature-based Economy

Our task today is to reinvent society so that it is co-evolutionary with the rest of nature. Management of our natural resources in an efficient and sustainable manner is vital to this vision. Botanical Treasures lays the foundation for such a transformation by detailing a form of nature-based renewable economics that has been all but lost in this age of technology. The forty-five species of plants profiled in this book have the potential to produce a wide range of raw materials for a variety of products and uses. Some can be grown on marginal land where little else can grow. Some contribute valuable functions to agroecology, have medicinal properties, or act as important sources for food. Think of Botanical Treasures as a users' guide for planet Earth. The potential benefits of a plant-based, environmentally propitious economy are compelling.


Botanical Treasures author Joshua Smith has been designing and installing permaculture-agroecological projects that mimic nature for forty years. He has also taught permaculature throughout the west, including having taught with Bill Mollison. Joshua helped start Seeds of Change, one of the first all organic seed companies in the United States. He worked as a permaculture designer for the Sol y Sombra Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico and for the Malachite Farm School in Gardner, Colorado. He was the director of permaculture and ecoforestry at Earth Star Farm in Boulder, Colorado and was a permaculture design instructor at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. Joshua is also a professional in ecoforestry.

Acres USA, February, 2018: "For those Acres USA readers keen on finding multiuse plants to provide benefits to their homestead or ranch, this book is for you. Permaculture designer Joshua Smith has compiled a list of all-star plants which he brought together to offer the world."

Permaculture Design, November 2017: "Botanical Treasures is a treasure indeed, with hidden rewards around just about every page."

See review by Frank Kaminski.

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